Рабочая область FBD (FBD Network)

Edit Window

FBD programs are created in the edit window. This window can be accessed from the Mode → Edit menu or by using the Edit button in the toolbar Режим - Редактирование.

The edit window is made up of three zones:

The wiring sheet, where the functions that make up the program are inserted,

The Inputs zone on the left of the wiring sheet where the inputs are positioned,
The Outputs zone on the right of the wiring sheet where the outputs are positioned.
The inputs/outputs are specific to the type of smart relay and extensions chosen by the user.The program in the edit window corresponds to the program that is:
Transferred into the smart relay,
Compared to the contents of the smart relay,
Used in simulation mode,
Used in supervision mode.
The following figure shows an example of a part of an edit window in FBD language:

Zelio Soft 2 Руководство - Окно программы. Zelio Soft 2 Руководство - Окно программы.

FBD Program Edit Window


The following table lists the different elements of the edit window:

Function block input zone.
Connection between two function blocks.
Function bar.
Function block.
Wiring sheet.
Function block number.
Output function block zone.

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